Benefits of Having a Home EV Charger

Investing in an electric vehicle paves the way for the future, although it introduces unfamiliar practices to those transitioning from traditional combustion engines. Among the challenges electric car owners face, ensuring a fully charged vehicle for the day ahead is paramount. While there are various methods to maximize mileage on a single charge, the ability to securely and safely charge your electric vehicle at home stands out as a significant advantage. Here are additional benefits of home EV chargers:

  1. Home EV Chargers Offer Convenience

Public electric vehicle charging stations are not as prevalent or easily accessible as traditional gas stations. This often requires careful route planning to locate these stations, which may further be inconvenient if they are unavailable or occupied by other electric vehicle users. However, by installing an EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) in your garage, you can effortlessly plug in your vehicle whenever needed and ensure readiness for the day in most situations.

  1. Home Electric Vehicle Chargers Give You More Control

Modern home car chargers are equipped with advanced technological features that allow you to customize and set specific charging schedules tailored to the requirements of your specific electric vehicle model. This level of control empowers you to optimize the charging process, resulting in prolonged battery life and increased mileage range.

  1. An EVSE Can Save You Money Over Time

Owning an electric vehicle entails several expenses, including the car’s purchase price, maintenance costs, and the consideration of installing a home EV charger. Additionally, charging your vehicle at a public charging station often incurs higher costs compared to charging at home. Fortunately, by taking advantage of overnight charging during off-peak hours, you can save money, bypassing the fluctuating and often expensive fuel prices at gas stations. Although the initial cost of installing an EVSE is higher, it proves to be a cost-effective and convenient solution in the long term, saving you money and eliminating potential inconveniences.

  1. Longer Battery Life with a Home Electric Car Charger

Similar to any other battery, the battery of your electric vehicle undergoes gradual wear and tear as time passes. Nevertheless, there are strategies that can be employed to prolong its lifespan. Public charging stations often offer “fast charge” options, which can be convenient in urgent situations, but relying on them extensively may expedite battery degradation. On the other hand, utilizing a home charging station allows you to configure the charging process to align with the manufacturer’s recommended speed and optimize the charging amount, ultimately leading to a longer-lasting battery.

  1. An EVSE at Home Can Boost Your Home’s Value

With the increasing prevalence of electric vehicles, potential homebuyers are likely to show a greater preference for homes equipped with an installed EVSE. Consequently, having an EVSE already in place can make your home more appealing and potentially command a higher selling price, as it eliminates the need for buyers to undertake the installation themselves.

  1. Be a Part of Lowering Emissions for the Earth

Undoubtedly, one of the notable benefits of having a home EV charger is the positive impact it has on our community and the environment. Each electric vehicle that replaces a gasoline-powered vehicle contributes to a reduction in CO2 emissions by approximately 1.5 million grams, which is roughly equivalent to the emissions produced by nearly four flights between Washington D.C., and Orlando, Florida. By embracing electric vehicles, you actively participate in creating a greener and more sustainable future for our planet and the community we inhabit.

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