Industrial and manufacturing projects and biodiesel plants accompany unique challenges. Each facility differs from one unit to the other, with its own unique features and special characteristics. Sunderland Electric powers industrial businesses and manufacturing plants across Connecticut with diverse, innovative, and versatile electrical wiring and service solutions.

Our team of highly experienced professionals has all the skills and expertise to effectively tackle both big and small production plants, industrial settings, agricultural enterprises, water treatment spaces, packaging operations, and many other crucial components that keep the state running smoothly.

Appropriate electrical designs and diligent repairs keep your industrial plants up to code, making them operate effectively and efficiently every day. Sunderland Electric leverages over a decade of experience and knowledge in electrical systems and service projects to equip industrial and manufacturing enterprises with robust, accessible, agile designs seamlessly matched to their requirements.

Our top-notch electrical contractors transmute the job requirements, electrical demands, and project activities of your industrial space into a well-organized, comprehensive electrical layout fitting effectively with exceptional output within your budget constraints. Also, the added and emerging electrical requirements and hazards facing industrial settings and manufacturing plants make skilled, experienced installation a vital element in keeping your laborers safe and production efficiency up.

Some of our services include:

Automated controls

Complete machine shop wiring and repairs

Conveyer systems

Design-build control cabinets

Explosionproof wiring

Fire alarm system installation and repair

Indoor lighting and repair

Installation of buss duct and bussway systems

Machine control wiring, troubleshooting & repairs

Machine disconnecting and reconnecting

Machine relocations and moves

Motor control wiring and troubleshooting & repair

Overhead cranes

Packaging systems

Parking lot lighting and repair

PLC controls, installations, and repairs

Pneumatic controls

Relay logic

Solid state controls

Test bench wiring, design, and repair

Transformers (both high and low voltages)

VFD & VSD drives and controllers

Sunderland Electric has a complete team of technicians that are capable of identifying and installing the newest electronic technology which renders optimal control and monitors the industrial equipment securely. From very initial design to any troubleshooting issues, our professionals are skilled enough to get you working safely in the most efficient manner, keeping it operating for many years to come.

Our well-versed professionals are excited to resolve your queries and tackle any industrial project. Contact us right away for any of your electrical service needs.